Mini case studies

Designed for all practitioners in health and social care, this collection of 10 case studies shows how evidence can be used in commissioning for ethnic communities to:

  • Raise the profile of BME issues
  • Understand particular needs
  • Design solutions
  • Monitor and create on-going improvement

Short, direct, and easy to read, taster stories in our mini case study book link here to more detailed descriptions on how to help overcome common barriers in service design and delivery, and give practical, real-world examples of using evidence in innovative ways.

Download a copy of the EEiC mini case study book here

The case study book contains short, one page ‘teasers’, linking to more detailed descriptions of the project and background on this website. You can browse these full versions below:

We would welcome any comments and feedback on this output. Please let us know if it was helpful, or could be made better.

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