Despite promising practice in some areas, our research identified many missed opportunities within commissioning and service improvement work to address ethnic diversity and inequality. We have developed a series of tools and resources designed to support attention to ethnicity within all elements of commissioning work. Mobilising knowledge effectively is at the heart of these tools.

We have organised the EEiC material and related links into four sub-sections. Please follow the links below:

Other resources and links

Maternity Action has produced Guidance for Commissioning Health Services for Vulnerable Migrant Women.

Sarah Bowen and colleagues in Canada have produced Promoting action on equity issues: a knowledge to action handbook.

The Community Tool Box includes a resource focused on enhancing organisational cultural competence.

Various general tools to support service improvement are available here:

Andrew Oxman, John Lavis and colleagues in Canada have produced a series of resources aimed at supporting more evidence-informed healthcare policymaking:

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