Building capacity

Building organisational and individual capacity to tackle ethnic inequalities

Healthcare commissioning involves planning and purchasing health services to meet the needs of local populations, and together with internal service improvement initiatives has the potential to tackle inequalities in access, experiences and outcomes between ethnic groups.

Yet healthcare organisations often fail to meet the needs of their diverse populations. Progress is hampered by national policies that fail to provide clear guidance on standards of service provision or appropriate commissioning responses to meeting the needs of multi-ethnic populations.

Locally, equality & diversity staff are often marginalised from commissioning, and service improvement work and commissioning staff are often uncertain about how to address ethnic inequalities. There are, however, opportunities to exploit synergies with other agendas, including Quality, Efficiency and wider Health Inequalities and to build capacity and commitment to tackle these issues.

The EEiC project has produced a range of resources that can support this development:

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